Church of Abune Afse

Abune Aftse
Neighboring the temple is St. Mary church founded by Abune Aftse – one of the Nine Saints of the sixth century. Named after its founder, it is one of the earliest built churches in the country. It is said that the church was constructed with the support of King Gebre Meskal. The church has a small museum, which is a single-storey building of narrow rooms. The church museum is accessible by a wooden ladder. It houses a collection of ancient inscriptions, medieval manuscripts, ecclesiastical crosses and pottery remains.
Yeha is not just a place to explore history and culture. The geological formation of the mountain ranges, the lush meadows and massive boulders in the area are a serious food for thought for keen geologists and geographers.
A visit to the community-owned restaurant in the village gives the traveler a little break. Simple snacks and refreshments are served there. The idea is built on a business model that benefits both the traveler as well as the community.

Museum of the Abune Afse Church

The treasures of the church are kept on the upper floor of a double-storey building resembling a traditional house, located to the north of the church. The building has elaborately carved timber door surrounds and windows, with shutters in place of glazing, and a coffered timber ceiling. Maybe put in something about quality of light, endowments – leather bible pouches, crowns, crucifixes, illustrated bibles – or will these be displayed differently with the masterplan?

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