Amazing Historical Places in Tigray

St. Mary’s New Cathedral
The second and most recent church is round and dome-shaped. It is a large 20th century architecture built by Emperor Haile Slassie, the last king in the long line of Solomonic Dynasty. Queen Elizabeth of England attended the inaugural ceremony of the new cathedral in 1965. While the old monastery restricts access to women, the new cathedral welcomes people of both genders.

Weizero Etenesh Ethnographic Museum

This circular traditional Tigrayan building is located between Mariam Tsion and the Church of the Four Beasts. It is a compartmentalized one-storey structure. Its ceiling is hand-decorated with clothes and bamboo in a style called chimchema. Still inhabited, it is a place where one could see the typical, living Tigrayan culture. Among other things, household materials, farming tools and musical instruments are in display.

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