Historical site around Adwa

Gebriel Wukien

Gebriel Wukien’s church is one of Tigrai’s most accessible rock churches. It is located on Debre Assa hillside, not far from the side of the road. The west of the Adwa-Abbi Addi road is just a ten-minute walk away. The church is believed to have been built in the 15th century and exhibits exceptional rock architecture. It’s also spacious. Domes, incised crosses as well as half-moon shaped panels are the distinctive features of this building. Some compare it to Mariam Wukro and Medhane Alem Adi Kesho because of its “remarkable detail.”

Abune Gerima Church

One of the Nine Saints was Abune Gerima. He founded a monastery on the other side of the mountains that bears his name, just eight kilometers southeast of Adwa. Besides being one of the country’s oldest places of Christian worship, the monastery is renowned for being the resting place of Ras Alula Aba Nega’s body, the Ethiopian general who defeated the invading Italian army in 1896. Alula is not only an Ethiopian hero whose amazing victory reverberated throughout Africa and the world, but also a superman who deflated the fascist Mussolini’s arrogance and lunacy.

Abba Garima Monastery, Adwa

The monastery houses Ethiopia’s oldest known manuscript, the books of the vellum gospel, carbon from the Late Axumite period (c6th century). The gospels are bound in two volumes, although three books, each comprising the four gospels and a set of canon tables, appear to have originally existed. They are illustrated with evangelist portraits, standing and holding books in a pose later seen at the Golgotha te church in Lalibela. The text is in Ge’ez, although the pictorial and decorative elements have a clear Syrian and Armenian influence, some of which may have influenced the details of the Ethiopian churches.

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