King Ezana’s Garden

King Ezana’s Garden

The Ezana Garden, located in the city centre, is one of Aksum’s archeological attractions. The garden is fenced with flower-clad barbed wires right in the heart of the city. In the site, among other things, it is possible to inspect stone inscriptions, stelae and pillar bases (plates).

Ezana Gardens

During the Italian occupation in the 1930s, the Gardens were laid out at the city’s ceremonial entrance, opposite Mebtaka Fatli’s coronation thrones. Several antiques were collected and put on view: one of the inscription stones ; several pieces of thrones, including the base of one of the group across the processional path ; column bases from Ta’akha Maryam’s elite residence and the Kaleb and Gabra Masqal tombs ; and one of the stelae.

Mussolini planned to revive the Axumite Empire in parallel with his Roman Empire’s fascist ‘ rebirth. ‘ The Gardens would serve as a microcosm of all the features symbolizing this unification of past greatness between African and European.

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